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Step 1- Billing export

Important: Skip this step if GCP detailed billing is already activated

  1. In the Google Cloud account, select Billing.

  2. Choose Billing export.

  3. Make sure that the Detailed usage cost is enabled.

    • Note: Enabling Detailed usage cost is a one-time action for the entire billing account. This setting applies to all projects under the billing account, so there is no need to enable it individually for each project.

Step 2- Granting Finout access to GCP detailed billing

To connect GCP, Finout requires minimal permission to BigQuery in the project that is tied to your billing. To identify that project, check your billing page where you can see the connected project.

Perform the following steps after selecting the correct project:

  1. Search for Service Accounts, and click Create New

  2. Configure these three roles:

    BigQuery Data Viewer BigQuery Job User BigQuery Read Session User

  3. Leave section 3 blank and click Done.

  4. From the context menu, select Manage Keys.

  5. Click Add Key and Create New Key.

  6. Choose JSON and paste the JSON in Finout's console:

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