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With Finout's seamless Datadog integration, gain precise cost visibility and monitor expenses daily. Conveniently view your Datadog spend alongside other providers, facilitating easy cost allocation for teams, applications, and environments. Utilize Finout's comprehensive cost governance suite for anomaly detection, budget enforcement, and accurate bill forecasting.

Moreover, Datadog is seamlessly integrated into our cost optimization suite, CostGuard, which automatically detects and offers waste reduction recommendations for logs, metrics, and other Datadog products.

Connecting Datadog to Finout

To connect with Finout, you will be required to provide a pair of APP key and API key from Datadog and add them to Finout onboarding console page.

For guidance on creating API Keys and Scoped/Non-Scoped APP Keys, please refer to the main documentation here.

Datadog Integration Levels

The Finout-Datadog integration offers multiple levels, granting users the flexibility to choose from diverse Finout features and supported Datadog products available at each level. Each level requires different Datadog scopes. In order to gain all Datadog capabilities and features in Finout platform ‘not scoped’ key is required.

Datadog Integration Levels

Datadog scopes

Finout platform functionality

Organization keys level

API Used


Basic Datadog cost center integration - View Datadog’s products in Finout’s MegaBill with breakdowns by usage type (committed / on-demand cost), products, and organization.

Only Parent organization


metrics_read, timeseries_query

Parent organization + all multiple child-organizations

monitors_read, dashboards_read

CostGuard- Out-of-the-box actionable cost optimizations for Idle Synthetics.

Parent organization + all multiple child-organizations

Not scoped

Parent organization + all multiple child-organizations

Below is a detailed breakdown of each level, including the supported Datadog products and the required scopes:

1. Basic Datadog integration

Finout’s most basic offering. Add your Datadog’s products cost to Finout’s MegaBill with breakdowns by, sub-products, regions, and organizations.

Supported products (more to come!)-

  • Infrastructure monitoring

    • Infra host

  • APM

  • APM Continuous Profiler

  • Cloud Workload Security (CWS)

  • Database monitoring

  • Fargate Profiled Tasks

  • Cloud SIEM (Analyzed Logs)

  • Ingested logs

  • Indexed logs

  • RUM session replays

  • Serveless Invocations

  • Synthetic Browser Tests

  • Synthetic API Tests

  • CI Visibility Committers

Required scopes- usage_read, metrics_read, timeseries_query

Note: For the basic Datadog integration, having keys for the parent organization is sufficient. However, for enhanced integrations, API keys for all multiple child-organizations are required.

2. Enhanced Datadog integration- Cost per tag visibility

With this advanced integration level, you can add cost-per-tag visibility to the Finout MegaBill. By incorporating product tags, you can access a more comprehensive breakdown of your Datadog products, facilitating precise cost attribution to specific services.

There are two groups of tags that can be added to Finout-

  • Default Datadog set of tags per product-

    For example, the tags for Indexed Log- "service", "status", "datadog_index"

    Required scopes- metrics_read, timeseries_query

  • Custom tags set by the customer-

    Customers have the freedom to set their own custom tags. Our process is designed to dynamically resolve tag values based on customer specifications. In cases where resolution is unsuccessful, Finout utilizes its default tag set as a fallback option.

    Required scopes- not scoped

3. Enhanced Datadog integration-CostGuard

Finout enables you to effortlessly access out-of-the-box actionable cost optimizations and insights for your Datadog usage via the CostGuard product.

Required scopes: monitor_read, dashboard_read

4. Enhanced Datadog integration- Kubernetes cost and unit metrics

Required scopes: not scoped

Finout Console Integration

  1. Log into your Finout account

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Choose Cost Centers

  4. Add Cost Center

  5. Choose Datadog and Connect Now

  6. Add the API key and APP key. To learn how to create API Keys and Scoped/Non-Scoped APP Keys, please refer to the main documentation here.

Still need help? Please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected].

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