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What is ​​Confluent?

Confluent platform is a full-scale, advanced data streaming platform that facilitates seamless access storage, and management of continuous real-time data streams.

Integrating Confluent with The MegaBill

​​The Confluent cost center is available in the MegaBill, providing breakdowns by services, clusters, usage type (e.g., network write, storage), and network access type (e.g., Peered VCP, Internet).

This integration ensures a unified view of all associated costs, combining the environment's expenditure with its related cloud expenses. To further consolidate costs and obtain a comprehensive view, Virtual Tags can be utilized.

Connecting ​​Confluent to Finout

  1. Navigate to home.

  2. Select the menu on the right and choose Cloud API keys.

  3. Click on Add key.

  4. Choose Granular access.

  5. Select Create a new one, input a new service account name and description, and proceed (a new service account will be created).

  6. Once the key is generated, an option to describe it appears. Click Download and continue.

Granting Permissions To The Key

  1. On the right menu, select Accounts and Access.

  2. Navigate to Service Accounts under Accounts.

  3. Search for the newly created service account and select it.

  4. Select Add role assignment under organization.

  5. Choose OrganizationalAdmin and confirm this choice.

  6. Provide Finout with the generated API key and secret.

Important: You must hold the OrganizationAdmin role for successful integration.

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